Kids Make a Change



To get kids of all ages more involved in giving.  We know other kids want to help and may not know what to do.  Our “giving can” is an easy way to get started and you can learn how it works by clicking the link above, but all we are really asking from you is to email us your giving experience(s).  Every time you give your efforts or money to a good cause, send us an email at  and we will post it on our website.  We are hoping that by reading other kids‘ experiences people will encourage kids to become part of a greater giving community.  

Thank you, and remember, kids can make a change!    


Our Mission

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      Welcome to Kids Make a Change (KMAC).  Please take a look at our website.  We hope you will enjoy it and decide to participate and spread the word to your friends.  Our website is about sharing ideas and stories.  We want to hear your story when you help someone or an organization.